I am really excited about this Challenge and I can’t wait to help you get to your goals.

Over the last 13 years of being a Personal Trainer, running over 30 RiShape Challenges and helping many of our countries very best athletes get into Champion stage condition. I have discovered that there is definitely an art to shredding fat fast in a safe way while maintaining muscle mass and keeping your metabolism strong and healthy.

So for the first time ever I have decided to pack all these need to know secrets into a 10 Week Challenge and help only a handful of people shred fat faster than ever before.

My goal is to educate and teach you specific training and nutritional techniques and principles that will allow you to understand the process properly as well as help you condition your mind so that you are always focused and motivated to kill your goals.

How is RiShred different to other Challenges.

I will be providing you with the complete blueprint to shredding fat. These methods are trailed and tested by 1000s and I guarantee you if you follow these plans and stay the course you will see unbelievable results. So no more guessing or doubting if this will or won’t work. IT WILL.

Never before have I given so much extensive information with any of my challenges so I am really excited to see all the amazing transformations at the end of this Challenge.

Cost of my RiShred 10 Week Challenge.

You will receive a 30 % discount off my Normal Rates for this Challenge so the 10 Week Challenge will cost you R1800.

What will you receive with your RiShred 10 Week Challenge.

  • Assessment Kit
  • 2 x Gym Training Programs
  • Home Program
  • Two Phase Meal Plan
  • Progressive Cardio Regimes
  • HIIT Cardio Plan
  • 6 Pack Ab Program
  • Ultimate Booty Builder Plan
  • Supplement Guide
  • “Training your Mind” Guide
  • Recipe Book
  • Motivational Playlist
  • Training & Nutritional Video Tutorials
  • Ultimate Nutritional Educational Guide

How to sign up:

– Online Entries will ONLY open on the 22 April 2018.

– Challenge will be available exclusively to 30 participants only.

– Entries will work on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

– Once you’ve completed your online entry and questionnaire, you will receive futher information and details, you then have 48hrs to make Full payment thereafter if payment has not been made your spot will become available to the next entry.

– Challenge officially starts 30 April 2018 and ends 7 July 2018.

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