RiShape Ladies Club

by Rachie B

10 Week Online Challenge

I am so unbelievably excited to be starting up this movement but even more excited that you have chosen to be a part of it ☺ I can ensure you that this one small step now is going to have the biggest impact on your life and that’s what makes me super excited to get you started!


My Mission Statement

My mission and passion lies in helping as many women as possible to walk in purpose, love themselves, burst with confidence, find their true happiness and achieve their own best body!

The whole concept behind the Rishape Ladies Club is to:
Teach you about healthy nutrition and lifestyle - that you have a good healthy relationship with food.
Teach you about the different types of training- Resistance training, functional training, cardio, HIIT etc. How to keep yourself motivated. Healthy lifestyle tips. The importance about self-love, confidence etc.
To support and empower woman - To stand together and help each other achieve our goals.

My mission is to get woman to fall completely in love with themselves! To understand the importance of self love! To stop putting themselves down! To stop comparing themselves to others! ~Where comparison ends, contentment begins~

Yes we all have something to aspire to but let that just be your inspiration to better yourself. We are all QUEENS and need to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin, at all times!

And that’s exactly why I am here! My mission is to make YOU feel great and love yourself throughout your journey and not only once you’ve reached your destination.

Are you ready to walk this journey with me QUEEN?
What makes Rishape Ladies Club 10 week Online Challenge different?

Yes this challenge is to help you get into your best shape and to teach you about healthier lifestyle choices but it is specifically aimed to empower woman and make woman fall completely in love with themselves! We as a group on 15 ladies will act as a strong family unit over the next 10 weeks where we will push and motivate each other to new levels.

What do I get with my 10 week Online Challenge?

With your 10 week Online Challenge, each of the 15 ladies will receive:

  • 2x Training programs
  • Home Training program
  • HIIT Cardio plan
  • Ab Blaster program
  • Booty Builder program
  • Two phase Meal plan
  • Recipe book
  • Supplement guide
  • Video tutorials
  • Lifestyle tips you will need to know
  • Will be involved in a motivational group chat
  • How to train your Mind
  • 1 x FREE RiShape Class a week
  • Before and after progress photo
  • 3 x Full Body Assessments


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