Welcome to the RiShape Fitness Challenge, the most fun, exciting and effective 8 week full body transformation challenge in the country.

Our RiShape program is designed to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass from the core out. The fitness challenge is for all shapes and sizes, all ages, anyone from total beginners to advanced athletes. If you want to lose weight, get ripped, tone up, build strength and get super fit and healthy then the RiShape Fitness Challenge is for YOU!

Twice a week you will trained by our professional trainers in a Fun and Energized Group Training environment, doing specially designed circuits which includes resistance training, strength training, combat training, crossfit training, cardio, kettlebells, stretching and plyometric training.

You have never trained like this before, this style of training confuses the muscles and assures you get the most from every work out and see results FAST! Every single session is different and even though you might feel like you are in over your head at first, soon you will become fitter than you could imagine & After 8 Weeks you will see the amazing results you have been working for.

Each Fitness Challenge starts off with you being privately assessed on your 1st day, then again after four weeks at your half way assessments, and finally at the end of your eighth week. Measurements and photos will be taken to track your individual progress and will be used when judging the winners!

Nutrition is the most important part of getting into shape. Each member will receive a full 3 phase meal plan that explains nutrition from a-z: how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and why. We also provide loads of tips on how to make your diet experience fun and delicious.

Specialised diets will also be available to ensure each participant reaches their own goals.

You will also receive training programs to ensure you know how to train in the gym or at home when you’re not with us doing our classes, so that you don’t waste time and you keep working specifically towards your own personal goal: to RiShape your body!

NB : RiShape IS NOT a Weight Loss Challenge, it is a Full Body Transformation Challenge and will be judged by the some of the very best Fitness experts in the Country.

The top few participants with the Best Body Transformation based on their Before and After photos will win Cash and Prizes up to the value of R30 000.

We have Challenges running in Westville at our very own RiShape Fitness Studio, as well as in our brand new studio in Umhlanga. Sign up today and make the choice to become THE ULTIMATE YOU!

RiShape your Mind, RiShape your Body, RiShape your Life.